Ductless, Mini Split Heat Pumps Help Sacramento Homeowners Avoid Costly Title 24 Compliance.

title24 pic1 1024x246 Ductless, Mini Split Heat Pumps Help Sacramento Homeowners Avoid Costly Title 24 Compliance.


As consumer awareness increases, the many benefits of ductless heating and air conditioners (also known as mini-splits) are becoming well known. They are very energy efficient, install easily, are extremely quiet, and, since there are no ducts to collect dirt and contaminants, provide clean comfortable air. If you live in California, however, there is another really big benefit that is often overlooked.  In 2008 the State Of California adopted new energy standards (Title 24) that affect ducted heating and cooling systems in homes in the state: 

 “The 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards require testing of ducts after a central air conditioning or heating system is installed or replaced in most existing homes.  Duct systems that leak 15 percent or more must be sealed by the installing contractor. The work of contractors is checked by third-party field verifiers (more commonly referred to as Home Energy Rating System [HERS] raters) to ensure that ducts have been properly sealed. Before your contractor begins work, you will be given the option to require that your duct sealing is verified by a HERS rater. If you do not choose this option, your home’s ducts will be included in a random sample for verification. If your duct system is checked and the HERS rater finds that it leaks 15 percent or more, your contractor will need to return and properly seal your ducts.”


Letter To Homeownwers Regarding New Title 24 Regulations
July 6, 2010


In other words, if you want to update your central heating and air system, you no longer just have the expense of the new equipment and installation. The Title 24 Regulations require you to pay to have your duct system pressure checked by a state authorized inspector. These inspections usually start at $350.00 for the average size home and increases for larger ones. If your ducts leak more than 15%, and guess what…most often they do, you now also have the added expense of sealing and upgrading your ducts. If that were all, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad, but wait, it gets worse.


You probably don’t live in a newer home, otherwise you wouldn’t be changing you heating and air equipment, so your ducts may leak even more than 15%, and in a lot of cases, require so much sealing and repair that the entire duct system needs to be replaced. Depending on the size of the system this can add several thousand dollars or more to the cost of installation. Then your system needs to be inspected again. Sound like a nightmare? It is. For you and your contractor.


Title 24 has resulted in drastically increased costs to homeowners when changing their central heating and cooling equipment, and a lot of frustration and red tape for the contractors installing the systems. While sealing or replacing you ducts is usually a good idea (The typical ducted system wastes 30% or more of it’s energy through the ducting system) the added cost, on top of already expensive repairs, can be prohibitive. In addition the costs are open ended until your ducts are tested. There is a cost saving alternative to all this.


>Ductless heat pumps are exempt from California’s Title 24 regulations because they have no ducting.   Since they don’t require a system of ducts they are easier and less expensive to install. In addition their installation cost is fixed, without the open ended expense of duct repair and/or replacement. Ductless, Mini split, heat pumps offer much more as well:

title24 pic2 300x296 Ductless, Mini Split Heat Pumps Help Sacramento Homeowners Avoid Costly Title 24 Compliance.

1. High Efficiency
2. Low Annual Operating Costs
3. Easy Installation
4. Install Almost Anywhere
5. Quiet Operation
6. Remote Control Convenience
7. Clean Indoor Air (No Ducts!)
8. Efficient Air Filtration





If you are thinking of upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system you owe it to yourself, and your wallet to seriously consider modern ductless, mini-split, heat pump technology. If you would like to find out more about the features and benefits of these incredible machines or schedule a free, no obligation consultation for you home, please CONTACT US HERE.

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