Year-Round Comfort

Having only had a wall furnace and window air conditioner in my Sacramento bungalow for 10 years, my new ductless heat pump, installed by Ductless Warehouse, has provided me with year round comfort unimaginable with my previous set up. What really has surprised me though is my energy usage has dropped, not risen! Nice guys to deal with and neat installation.

D.Mathews – Sacramento Ca 


Super Quiet

I love my new Daikin unit. I decided on a ductless heat pump system after looking into having a central air system in my older 2 bedroom home. They were going to have to do a lot of demo on my house to install this type of system. I happened to see a home improvement show where they installed a ductless heat pump in a home on the East Coast. I had never seen one and it looked like they were installed a lot easier so I searched on google. I got three prices and ended up going with Ductless Warehouse. Their price was good and the guy that designed the system was very knowledgeable annd able to answer all of my questions.

I had a three zone system installed and so far has been great. I have one unit in each bedroom and one unit in the main/family room. They heat and cool great and I can’t believe how quiet. Used to have a wall ac unit and when it was on I had to turn the TV up full blast. Anyway, with a unit in each room I only have to run the units I need and most times I only need to run the family room unit. They are controlled with a remote like a fan, which is neat. These units are so quiet I am not even sure what to compare it too. Well, I have one mounted over my bed and cannot hear when I sleep if that tells you.

If you are looking for one of these systems call these guy.

Cynthia W. – Land Park


Increased Air Quality

My Wife and I both have horrible allergies. We have tried replacing the filters in our central air system and having the ducts cleaned several times and were still getting dust and allergens in our home.

We saw the Daikin, Quaternity air filtration heat pump in a Sacramento newspaper ad. The ad said that not only did it provide heating and cooling, but it filtered the air removing, dust, pollen, contaminants and even smells from the air. We were skeptical to say the least.

After them coming out and showing us the system we were so impressed we had Ductless Warehouse install the Daikin unit three weeks later. One day installation. Installation did not require us to have any tear out of our homes walls or ceiling.

The air filtration of this unit is amazing. It cleans and sanitizes the air and it really does eliminate odors as well. In addition it has cut down on the dust in our home. The heating and cooling, however, has been an unexpected bonus since we bought the new unit for air filtration. The new ductless unit keeps the family room and adjoining living room, where we spend most of our time, very comfortable. We run our large system very rarely now. We can also control it just like the tv & DVR, with a remote.

Stephen A. – Fair Oaks

Daikin Has It All

I am what most people refer to as a shopper. I always shop for the best price on whatever I buy. It was no different when I shopped for a ductless (mini split) heat pump for the bonus room addition on our home in El Dorado Hills. I compared all the various brands, searched the internet for all the reviews I could find, and got prices from four different HVAC companies. I actually was kind of discouraged because I had gotten some pretty expensive quotes. I happened to see a newspaper ad for these guys ad and saw they were ductless specialists. They gave me a better price than the other four and after to talking with the estimator at my home I could tell right away that he knew his product better than the other people. He showed me the Daikin brand product (which I hadn’t heard of) and its features. Apparently this is the largest mfg. of ac equipment in the world. Who knew? I was very impressed with the feature set and the 7 year warranty which was better than any of the others I had checked into.

Well that was four months ago and I now have a “Daikin” ductless unit in my bonus room. This unit does a great job of keeping us comfortable whether we are hanging out watching a movie or entertaining guests. It is also so very quiet you almost don’t know i is there. I don’t know how these have not become more popular yet. Sure they will though.

If your are searching around for ductless systems, make Ductless Warehouse the last ones you call like I did.

Wes K.

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