Our Mission

DUCTLESSWAREHOUSE – No Gimmicks, Just Guilt Free, Absolute Comfort

We are Sacramento Valley’s premier supplier and installer of energy efficient ductless heat pumps. We believe ductless heat pumps are the cutting edge of environmentally responsible, high efficiency heating and cooling, and in keeping with that belief we only design, sell, install, and service ductless comfort solutions.

Lots of companies use green, sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy saving and other by lines as a marketing gimmicks to sell their products, regardless of if the product performs as advertised. In fact even mentioning these words in the same sentence with most typical inefficient central heating and air systems is laughable. At Ductless Warehouse we offer more than nice sounding names and gimmicks. We design and install systems that outperform traditional ducted systems and that offer REAL energy savings, quiet operation, and healthy indoor air. So you can enjoy endless comfort without having to worry about your next utility bill, the impact on the environment, or the air you and your family or co-workers are breathing. Truly Guilt Free, Absolute Comfort.

So take a look around and feel free to read our wealth of articles & reports. When you you are satisfied ductless is the right solution for you, as we are sure you will, call us for a free design consultation.

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